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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111021289015524483869230110*Ben J GrinterJan Juc2021/2022BPCA A1 Grade2 1Collendina
2104137881415524484032460104Harry MannJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition6 1Little River
310259255915524484032454102*Fraser ClatworthyJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition5 1Barwon Heads
4100137881615524484032454100*Todd RosewallJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition5 1Barwon Heads
5893482861552448386933089Troy HardyJan Juc2021/2022BPCA B1 Grade3 1Queenscliff
68813788161552448403247788Todd RosewallJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition7 1Drysdale
7792128901552448386922779Ben J GrinterJan Juc2021/2022BPCA A1 Grade1 1Barrabool
8769995301552448403229576Jack WyethJan Juc2021/2022BPCA B1 Grade7 1Drysdale
9646383051552448386923564Jordi S WithersJan Juc2021/2022BPCA A1 Grade3 1Queenscliff
10635983791552448403245463*Darcy ThorntonJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition5 1Barwon Heads
116213788161552448403243162Todd RosewallJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition4 1Newcomb
126113788141552448403247761Harry MannJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition7 1Drysdale
136021148751552448402622760*Alex BaulchJan Juc Muncey2021/2022Under 15 Elliot3 1Drysdale Yas
14593047421552448403201459*Brad RobertsJan Juc2021/2022BPCA A1 Grade5 1St Leonards
1556223511552448386923056Mark ZahraJan Juc2021/2022BPCA A1 Grade2 1Collendina
165422264871552448402652954*Isaac WestJan Juc Gough2021/2022Under 13 Agg6 1Jan Juc Grayling
17542128901552448403200854Ben J GrinterJan Juc2021/2022BPCA A1 Grade4 1Ocean Grove
185313788141552448386936253Harry MannJan Juc2021/2022BPCA B2 Grade3 1Portarlington
19537394441552448386938853XAVIER HUXTABLEJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition1 1Queenscliff
20526443631552448403224352Brody AndrewJan Juc2021/2022BPCA B1 Grade5 1Barwon Heads
21516383051552448386923051*Jordi S WithersJan Juc2021/2022BPCA A1 Grade2 1Collendina
225013788161552448386938850*Todd RosewallJan Juc2021/2022BPCA One Day Competition1 1Queenscliff
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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