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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110731089815324483597543107Jack MastersJan Juc2020/2021BPCA C1 Grade4 1Wallington
210573944415324483597526105*XAVIER HUXTABLEJan Juc2020/2021BPCA C1 Grade1 1Collendina
38148451532448359742081James DowneyJan Juc2020/2021BPCA B1 Grade3 1St Leonards
4773723281532448359762977Damien WaldronJan Juc2020/2021BPCA One Day Competition4 1Queenscliff
57319924601532448366726373*Miles KerrJan Juc Muncey*2020/2021Under 13 Beaumont2 1Corio*
66313788161532448359761763*Todd RosewallJan Juc2020/2021BPCA One Day Competition2 1Armstrong Creek Cricket & Sporting Club
7609797141532448348875260*Finn BilstonJan Juc/Anglesea2020/2021Under 15 Douglas3 1Highton/Newcomb & District
8606270831532448359760960Patrick Caddaye-RoseJan Juc2020/2021BPCA One Day Competition1 1Collendina
9593482861532448359753959*Troy HardyJan Juc2020/2021BPCA C1 Grade3 1Barrabool
10583108981532448359753958Jack MastersJan Juc2020/2021BPCA C1 Grade3 1Barrabool
11563482861532448359754356*Troy HardyJan Juc2020/2021BPCA C1 Grade4 1Wallington
125217110811532448359754352Peter MurnaneJan Juc2020/2021BPCA C1 Grade4 1Wallington
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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