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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112230474215124483175740122*Brad RobertsJan Juc2019/2020BPCA B1 Grade7 1Queenscliff
21041809915124483170086104Andrew MurdenJan Juc2019/2020BPCA A1 Grade1 1Ocean Grove
39413551021512448326466694Reef PageJan Juc/Anglesea2019/2020Under 15 D'Arcy5 1Ocean Grove
48848451512448317571688James DowneyJan Juc2019/2020BPCA B1 Grade1 1Ocean Grove
5842429851512448317009984Travis J ParsonsJan Juc2019/2020BPCA A1 Grade4 1Queenscliff
6817378251512448317574081Ryen SmithJan Juc2019/2020BPCA B1 Grade7 1Queenscliff
7792128901512448317009579Ben J GrinterJan Juc2019/2020BPCA A1 Grade3 1Barrabool
8753847751512448317600775Gerard CookJan Juc2019/2020BPCA C1 Grade2 1St Leonards
97217233031512448332665172Ben YoungJan Juc2019/2020BPCA One Day Competition2 1Armstrong Creek Cricket & Sporting Club
10693848101512448332666969*Iain S LygoJan Juc2019/2020BPCA One Day Competition5 1Ocean Grove
11687450381512448326470968Kade M EskriggeJan Juc/Anglesea2019/2020Under 15 D'Arcy6 1Portarlington
126118062301512448332669361*Rowan J SmithJan Juc2019/2020BPCA One Day Competition9 1Collendina
13613047421512448317572361Brad RobertsJan Juc2019/2020BPCA B1 Grade3 1Barrabool
14614107881512448332665161Peter MacDONALDJan Juc2019/2020BPCA One Day Competition2 1Armstrong Creek Cricket & Sporting Club
15584107821512448317601258*Chris HuxtableJan Juc2019/2020BPCA C1 Grade3 1Little River
165619924601512448330719856*Miles KerrJan Juc Fox2019/2020Under 13 Agg5 1St. Josephs DeGrandi
17554107821512448317602355*Chris HuxtableJan Juc2019/2020BPCA C1 Grade6 2Ocean Grove
18513108491512448317600751Paul HawkeyJan Juc2019/2020BPCA C1 Grade2 1St Leonards
19504107691512448317571950McCallum FoxJan Juc2019/2020BPCA B1 Grade2 1Anglesea
20509915551512448330765650*Cooper GaulkeJan Juc Gough2019/2020Under 13 Beaumont5 1Lara Bell
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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